Are you angry at the New York Times yet today?  Well, this particular instance of class warfare is maybe more our speed:

In this instance, the new campaign for Ultimat is based on the concept of “forging solidarity at the end of the work day,” he adds, much as “This Bud’s for you” and “Miller time” did decades ago for Budweiser and Miller High Life beers.


That is expressed in a playful way in the initial ads in the campaign.

One ad proclaims: “You work for the best firm in the city. You make seven figures. You spend less time outside than prisoners on Rikers Island.”

A second ad declares: “Your C.E.O. calls you Jack. The treasury secretary calls you John. Your kids call you Mr. Phillips.”

Ultimat.  The vodka that has finally decided that, for too long, drinking ultra-premium, tasteless crap only implied you were a massive douchebag, rather than outright shouting it.

(I’ve not been sent a review bottle yet, but, hey, Amalgamated, I’m willing to call your stuff just as tasteless and boring as every other vodka if you want to send one.  And I don’t even work for seven figures!)