The last few days I’ve been taking a more ad hoc approach to cooking, and I suspect the same attitude has crept into my drinking.  A couple of nights I’ve even had only beer, neglecting the twilight ritual entirely.  Shameful, I know.

Brazil 66 (Art of the Bar):

  • 1 lime, cut into wedges (with interior pith removed)
  • 1 oz cachaça (Leblon)
  • 1/2 oz Cointreau
  • 1/2 oz orange juice
    In a shaker, muddle lime wedges.  Add remaining ingredients and ice.  Shake well, pour unstrained into a rocks glass.  Top up with ice.

The Brazil 66 is essentially an (unnecessarily) elaborated Caipirinha.  It’s January, we have a lot of citrus, and we have to figure out new ways to amuse ourselves.  This is perfectly tasty, but is actually worse than the drink it is based on, and so is not recommended for any reason beyond academic curiosity.  It could perhaps be salvaged by muddling the orange instead of the lime; orange peel is full of fascinating terpenes that would probably make an inverted Brazil 66 worthwhile.

Like most drinks from Art of the Bar, the quantities involved in the Brazil 66 are mystifying.  Are the customers at Absinthe Brasserie the most taken-advantage-of in the country?  I’m certainly not an advocate of the mo’ liquor, mo’ better approach to drink-making, but a cocktail (presumably sold for upwards of $10, it being San Francisco) with only 1 1/2 oz of the good stuff?  This is barely a mouthful.  Feel free to double the liquors without messing with the juices, and see where that gets you.

Harpoon Leviathan Barleywine

So, in order to make myself seem less of a lush, I’ve mostly been limiting myself to discussing mixed drinks in this space.  I’ve been omitting beer, wine, straight spirits, and the antifreeze I keep in a thermos at work.  But I took a picture of this beer, so up it goes on the site.  The Leviathan series is Harpoon’s big beer series (although it seems to be sold only in 4-packs, to my displeasure).  I had tried their Imperial IPA in the fall, without really finding anything to love.  But their Barleywine is delicious!  Well-disguised alcohol, nice sweetness, and a good, non-syrupy finish into floral hoppiness.  Highly recommended.