Ok, savory drinks.  As we are all aware, there are very few savory drinks, and most (the Gibson and Dirty Martini being the only exceptions I can think of) use tomato juice for their umami.  But, as the Roommate was harassing me this weekend to repeat some unfortunate fish-sauce, Thai-themed cocktail experiments, I started thinking about soy sauce.

Good soy sauce is an incredibly complex food product, with a number of odor compounds (furanones, including the caramel-smelling furaneol and the curry-scented sotolon) in common with, among other things, sherry.  Since it mixes those great, burnt-sugar flavors with generous amounts of salt and glutamate (umami), it seems like soy sauce would be the perfect addition to a savory drink.  But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it.  The obvious thoughts (use instead of olive brine in a D.M., mix into a Bloody Mariko, argh) are boring and don’t actually taste that good (just because they’re obvious doesn’t mean I haven’t tried), and my attempt to make something happen with aquavit, Amontillado sherry, tamari (a Japanese soy sauce), and mole bitters was a disaster.

Can anyone think of something that will work?