I just bought your Ransom Old Tom Gin.  I’d love to drink it, but you thought it would be cute and old-timey to put a hard wax seal over the screw top.  Normally, with a bottle of wine, I would put the corkscrew right through the seal, breaking it when I bring up the cork.  You can’t do that with a screw top.  I’ve heard great things about your Old Tom – beautiful malty nose, hint of sweetness, juniper, cardamom, lemon peel – but I can’t drink it.  This is not a good packaging strategy.


PS – Yes, I did eventually saw through it with a butter knife, and then soften it enough with boiling water to pry it off.  This does not in any way detract from my original point.  Wax seals are annoying and superfluous unless they are over a bare cork.  Nice gin, though.