So Michael at A Dash of Bitters is hosting a crazy contest.  Normally I avoid this kind of thing because I hate losing, but I also love The Bitter Truth Bitters.  And I love gin.  I am totally doing this thing.

So the deal is I have to express my bitter jealousy of another blogger.  Which means talking about how much I wish I had someone else’s talents. Luckily, this is pretty easy to figure out.  I am insanely jealous of Jay, at Oh Gosh!, who gets to travel all over the world drinking great stuff, taste a bunch of European alcohol that I don’t have access to, and, in fact, has had lots of access to the gin this contest is based around, Beefeater 24.  Furthermore, Jay’s cocktails are almost always delicious (at least, the cocktails I produce from his writing).

So, yeah, I’m bitter that I don’t have Jay’s cocktail-life, and also bitter that I’ve been suckered into a clever, potentially delicious promotion.  But I’m not actually sad to talk up Oh Gosh!, which deserves all the promotion it can get.